We are a significant Czech company in the field of production and development of measuring systems and individual orders with supplies to the whole world.

We are Czech company without foreign participation built on the years of experience with production and development of measuring technology and electronic devices. We use our experience from the field of development and production of measuring tools for railway applications and measuring technology for use in harsh climatic conditions. The central part of our production consists of measuring devices and systems for the measurement of power collectors and pantographs in accordance with technical standard EN50206-1. EXACTIS CZ is the only manufacturer of measuring devices and systems for the measurement of power collectors with worldwide range. Besides production and development of measuring devices we also provide complete service and maintenance including calibration. We also provide staff training and testing of our products.

We provide software updates in accordance with changes and updates of operating systems, legislation, new standards and trends within the field of metrology; and testing during the life time of our products. Constant development of our products is a must as we aim to provide the use of the latest possible technology. Top quality of our products allows us to provide not only standard warranty but also repeatedly renewed warranty.

Our devices are shipped to important international manufacturers of railway technology worldwide.

The uniqueness of EXACTIS CZ lies in extensive expertise of our staff, quick response to individual needs of our customers, in dealing with ordinary and also extraordinary orders and last but not least in the loyalty of our workers who are able to deal with difficult tasks based on specific requirements within all fields of our work.

We have technically equipped facilities, own development laboratory and calibrating centre. We are able to provide production and testing of our measuring tools. We set up calibration centres for our international partners and provide online technical support.

Our motto is “Based on perfect accuracy”. Accuracy and quality of our measuring devices and systems is our primary task as well as the satisfaction of and long-term cooperation with our customers. We aim to maintain constant development, extend our portfolio as well as the lifetime of our products, to offer benefits to our clients, such as significant savings when buying sets of our measuring devices with united SW, low operation costs, trouble-free operation of our systems and high accuracy of measurement. We also develop customised systems based on customers’ requests and needs. With our measuring systems we play a significant role in pantograph development, we work closely together with the world’s leading manufacturers of power collectors, such as Wabtec, Secheron, Schunk, Bombardier, Stemmann, Alstom, to name but a few, and we also participate in securing the safety of railway transport not only in Czech Republic, but also worldwide.