Devices for measuring pressure force of pantographs

Measuring system accessories

Measuring system accessories

Offering various accessories which can make the use of our measuring systems comfortable and can provide increased safety when working in workshops or when the measurement is carried out on vehicles in operation is an integral part of the EXACTIS CZ company’s strategy.


  • WiFi connection – for the variant with wireless connection of measurement tools
  • Battery power (not available for SMC-lite) – adjustment of the device to allow battery power
  • Cart for stable fixing  - to provide stable fixing of measurement systems, variant with wheels
    and brake or with rubber legs
  • Laser sensor for cross stiffness measurement
  • Sensors for the head degrees of freedom measurement
  • 3D laser scanner for the rail lining profile measurement
  • Work desk – for stable fixing of the collector when  removed from the roof of the vehicle, used for adjusting, measuring, service and repairs of the collector with regard to improved safety of work
  • Columns for stiffness measurement
  • Transport boxes for measuring devices (systems) and accessories  - consists of particular boxes for storage of measuring system, cables, power source, sensors and PC if needed
  • Cart for transport boxes – for easy handling and transporting of the system and its accessory
  • Load cells
  • PC, industrial computer, laptop – on request, installation of SW included, we can also provide
    whole PC workstation
  • Mounting brackets for the roof of the vehicle – individual production for different collectors, it is used for stable fixing when working on the roof for longer period of time
  • Electronic control unit of pantograph
    It is used for a basic and thorough testing of pantograph. The unit is used for both pneumatically and electrically controlled pantographs. It consists of an electronic pressure regulator and electro-pneumatic valves for controlling the pantograph. For electrically controlled pantographs the device provides a power source. The unit is fully controlled by the PC and makes it possible to control the pantograph, its lifting, lowering, ADD simulation. The individual measurement cycles (force analysis, lifting and lowering times, ADD reaction time, pressure tests) can be thus carried out automatically.

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