Calibration of measuring devices

To meet the needs of the most demanding clients EXACTIS CZ company runs their own calibration laboratory. Each etalon from EXACTIS CZ company has international or national continuity and is calibrated in accredited calibration laboratories. The calibrated features are above all force, pressure, voltage duration and current.
The period of calibration recommended by the manufacturer varies from 1 to 2 years depending on the frequency of use of the device. Analysis of the device regarding its wear and tear is carried out together with the calibration.


Beyond the scope of the accredited calibration including calibration certificate, at the company EXACTIS CZ you will get:

  • technical support
  • device cleaning
  • electrical wiring check
  • replacement of basic parts to maintain declared accuracy of the device
  • adjusting and setting of the device
  • revision of electric installation of the device – only under Czech technical standards
  • calibration data update
  • SW, FW update
  • repeated renewal of the warranty on the device for one year after the calibration
  • possibility to borrow spare device during warranty repairs or calibration given the transportation is paid

Thanks to the worldwide use of our devices we are able to meet the needs of our clients and set up calibration centres even in distant destination such as India, South Africa or Australia.